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Gallery and testimonials




Mr Bruce C Ruxton AM, OBE

9th March 1998

A credit to you Bernie. Well done.

Ben Cox

9th March 1998

Excellent collection. Well put together.

John Belfield

9th March 1998

Great stuff Bernie

Harry James

9th March 1998


St Anthony's School

23rd March 1998

Spectacular, amazing, excellent & interesting

Win Dean

6th May 1998

What a dedication. Keep it up!

Jim Dyer

9th November 1998

Magnificent! A credit to you Bernie.

Bill Jones

7th April 1999

What a fantastic display! Well done!

Bill Ringin

8th May 1999

A very extensiv e & authentic collection. Very well restored & excellent commentry.

Pat & Carule Quinn

5th February 2000

The tour left us speechless.

J McArthur

21st March 2000


Brett Cooper

1st July 2000

Excellent display

James Williams

31st January 2001

An excellent collection. Very impressive!

Graham Stinson

18th August 2001

Great signals and catering displays.

Bruce Williams

22nd September 2001

Beyond the call of duty!

Gary Taylor

9th December 2001

Best I've ever seen!

Pedr Horley

12th March 2002

This is the most wonderful display that I have seen. Thank-you Bernie and Frances.

Graeme Burbidge

14th February 2002

Fabulous collection. Marvolously impressive!

R. Enclim

2nd October 2002

Well worth a visit.

Andrew Smith

17th October 2002

A brillient display. Thank-you!

Janet & Bob Pearce

8th March 2003

Great display. We'll be back!!!

LT COL John Sharp RET'D

16th May 2003


Colin McIntyre

17th September 2003

"Mufti Sep 2001" Thank-you.

Jonathan Cameron

3rd October 2003

Sobering. Thank-you.

Dianne & Keith Cook

26th January 2004

We leave with broader horizons

Bill Major

6th February 2004

More than I imagined. I'll be back.

J J Cuthbert

2nd May 2004

1st timer. Stunning!

Tristan Weeks

23rd November 2004

Glenvale School - Awesome

Chris Shute

17th February 2005

Excellent! There should be school classes here!!

Rhonda Hamilton

1st June 2005

Best I've seen!

Stella Brooks

15th September 2005

Wonderful memories.

Jim Marshall

16th February 2006

Thank God someone remembers.

Andy Macfarlone

18th September 2006

Excellent display

Peter & Dianne Willmott

3rd December 2006

Your passion shines through. Well done!

Brett & Tizz Mulekey

5th June 2007

The best I've ever seen!

Ed & Sue Dawson

11th January 2008

An absolute credit to you!

Barbara Brown

26th August 2008

Eye opening.

Des & Shirley Fay

12th September 2008

Most interesting and educational.

Jan & Lisa Price

9th June 2009

Unbelieveable collection & will certainly reccomend to others.

Geoff Green

18th July 2009


Ashley Gowanlock

28th November 2009


Rob Russell

12th January 2010

Great job. Congratulations!

Daniel Hargrave

7th April 2010

Very fasinated. An absolute treasure!!! Thanks.

Marie & Catherine Arthur

13th March 2010

Thank-you Bernie for your generous time and tour of your museum.

Ray and Sharon Saggers

19th June 2010

Fabulous & welcoming. Thank-you.

Meagan Owen

24th July 2010

Fantastic & well looked after.

Judy & Steve Arnel

1st August 2010

Outstanding work!

Sharen Murply

30th September 2010


Wayne Bell

21st October 2010

Excellent collection!

Sue Crafter

10th January 2011

Unbelievable - Thank-you. Very interesting.

Peter & Margret Byrne

12th January 2011

An enlightening and wonderful tour. Our thanks.

Ann Waugh

5th March 2011

Very educational. Good work.

Richard Johnson

18th March 2011

Very very good.

R. Johnson

21st March 2011

Four and a half hour guided tour. GREAT!!!

Mark Owen

2nd April 2011

Outstanding collection.

Alan and Maria Hooper

5th April 2011

Coventry England UK. What a gem!! Well done! Facinating!

R Barrett C Barrett

26th April 2011

Fantastic - Well done!

George & Lee-ann Brown

29th April 2011

Well done on a fantastic exhibition.

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