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Sound system upgrade
Published by Edward Dingle in Upgrades • 15/11/2010 8:11:10 AM
Our first audio system comprised a custom made 10" horn loaded enclosure designed and manufactured by Stewart McLean from McLean Sound. It was powered by an old Leek valve amplifier.

Stewart's custom made speaker design won the Hi-Fi awards in 1928.

Our upgrade replaced all components of the existing system. Top end consisted of two ALTEC 10 cell flares with ALTEC ceramic HF drivers. Low/mids consisted of two ALTEC A4 enclosures loaded with ALTEC drivers. A drive rack equipped with ALTEC bi-amps and a 4 channel mixer hand buuilt by Stewart McLean was installed.

Rumour has it that neighbours of the museum enjoy the "Let the bands play" radio broadcast on weekends from their own verandahs.